Basic Stuff
Shaheim "Sha Mook" Reynolds is also known as 
Mooky or Sha. He was born October 12th, 1991, 
& his nationality is Asian & Native 
American. He was raised by his single mother 
in Amityville, Long Island, NY. 
His work ethic is unusually strong &
after 19 years later, he realizes
that he was born to entertain. I quote, 
"making people feel good, like an orgasm".

Important Stuff
He wants you to know that his whole life has 
been some struggle. Though, he always manages
to keep positive & a smile on his face.
He is such a cool, calm, loving, sincere & 
fun, type of a guy but there are parts of 
him that can really make him seem ignorant 
or offhand even. His emotions were built 
numb, therefore it takes a lot to 
get him excited or to feel some way. He is 
not good at faking feelings; he's too raw &
too much of a realist. Music & faith is 
what keeps him going. He realizes his destiny 
& what he has to do. 
He also loves to dance and play around too; 
he calls it "expressing" himself, which goes 
along with him being so creative. Creativity is 
what makes him, mixed in with a little 
"free" & "curious". He is so open-minded,
he is always willing to do just about anything.
Between all of this, his life lessons and 
experiences, he just has to share all of it
through his work. Won't you let him show you.
Some words that describe him: 
Strategic, Hypothetical & Wise

Last But Not Least
Long story short; Sha Mook always loved music &
entertaining people. It was not until JUNE 2010, 
when he realized that music is for him. It's the
writing part that really excites him. He also
loves videography & acting too. I don't know how
he manages this all alone. But through these 
tough times, he is indeed still at it and will 
keep you entertained with fresh & new material
as long as he is here & as often as needed. Yes, 
this will be good! ツ !

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Stay Free & In Tune.....