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“Tres Mas” Coming Soon !

by Sha Mook

You Ready? ..Then “Four More”, Then “Five More”, Then “Just The Beginning Pt. 5 The Back Down” which will be the album(LP). This LP is so great. ugh. All of this between now and October 2016.

“Two More” is now released for your free download 04/16/14

by Sha Mook

Click Media, Music, & get your download on! You deserve it. Good music to get you going. Thank you for stopping by once again!

“One More” will be released on 03/13/13

by Sha Mook

I hope youre ready. & you know you can download it here of course. Under the Media, My Music Tab. Thanks, Enjoy !

“JTB Pt. 4, On The Job” will be released on 06/21/12

by Sha Mook

You will be able to download it here which will take you to a free file and image hosting web site. Click Media >> My Music.

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